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We believe that passion and commitment are essential for success. As a sparring partner for corporations and investors, we cover the full scope of capabilities to lead your business into a digital future. When accepting a challenge, we are all in – shared stakes, shared goals.

We create innovation through collaboration.

Paul Becker

Managing Partner

Paul Staal

Business Innovation

Jonas Tebbe

Managing Partner

Arne Zeising

Managing Partner

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We work with a strong network of experts that covers the variety of skills required to successfully create digital products and services.


The journey that led us here.



SHRPS is the result of the insightful journey that led us here. Solving digital challenges has been our mission since we started. Today, this culminates in SHRPS, a digital consultancy for corporations and investors.



LIQID is a VC-backed digital wealth management platform for affluent investors. As co-founders, Paul, Arne, and Jonas built and headed the marketing, engineering, and product teams from day 0 to over 30 full time employees.

Parties involved:

Deutsche WealthProject AHQ Trust


Million in Assets under Management


Digital Wealth Manager in Europe



owlhub. is a bootstrapped stock analysis application. We scaled the side project to over 500 users ranging from Ivy League students to financial professionals. It was used in Harvard courses to make financial markets more tangible.


Active Users on the Platform


Sleepless Nights of Coding

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