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Success in digital business often remains a black box. As a sparring partner for corporations and investors, we change the game. Whether you aim to revamp your current business or establish your future business, we will accompany you from start to finish.

Today's Problems

Digitalize Existing Business

We digitalize existing business by assessing available resources and capabilities, revealing untapped potential for improvement, and leveraging them with digital solutions.

Depending on the project specifics, we make sure to build up relevant competencies and lead existing employees through the challenges of digital change.

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Business Analysis

We analyze entire portfolios, individual companies, or specific business units/functions from a digital perspective.

Our insights reveal digital value drivers within your business and enable you to set focus on the most crucial initiatives.

Product Development

We develop digital products, services and platforms that create value for user and business in equal measure.

Our solutions are built using custom developed software and/or third-party software according to your requirements.

Capability Building

We advance existing organizations with new capabilities required to independently run digital business.

Our collaboration enables you to build up resources, processes, and skills while establishing a digital mindset/culture.

Tomorrow's Opportunities

Build New Digital Business

We build new digital business by analyzing markets and industries, discovering influential technology trends, and applying our findings to develop future digital revenue streams.

Depending on the project specifics, we build the new digital business and recommend to either run it within the existing organization or as a whole new organization (startup/spinoff company).

Our most requested services in this area.

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Market Analysis

We analyze markets, industries, and technology trends to identify opportunities for new digital business.

Our recommendations are aligned with your core business to make use of synergies and leverage existing capabilities.

Company Building

We develop digital business models, build up new organizations from scratch, and launch innovative products and services.

Our companies combine your capabilities with ours to gain a strong competitive advantage and accelerate progress.

Due Diligence

We evaluate investment opportunities from a technological point of view to allow confident decision-making.

Our assessments highlight potential risks and provide you with pragmatic advice if and how value can be increased through digital measures.

Our team combines a complementary set of skills.

We contribute the full scope of digital capabilities to your project.

Our team is experienced in different types and areas of digital business. Based on your requirements we set up a task force which ensures that all objectives are met. When partnering with us, you can be sure to have the whole range of digital capabilities at hand.

Analysis, Strategy & Project Mgmt.

Business Innovation

Research, Design & Testing

UI/UX Design

Ideation, Conception & Monitoring

Product Management

Frontend, Backend & DevOps


Online, Offline & Analytics


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